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  • You pretty obviously don’t know what you’re talking about, almost every class my children have been in for middle school and high school had the children commit to not using their smartphone and sent home a slip to be signed by parents acknowledging that the phones will be taken away and have to be picked up by a parent if they become a distraction for the student. They include similar language in the school student handbook as well.

    This law is just ridiculous authoritative nonsense, being used to score a victory for political marketing purposes.

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    I’ll argue that crocodile tears deserve downvotes, as do bullies.

    Im pro jewish, Im pro Israeli, but im so anti-injustice that I’m willing to stand up to anyone pushing for or acting as a pro-war Israel supporter, or jewish as an Israeli identity when it comes to being prowarfare, when they still support what has quickly evolved into a politically strategic genocide against palestinians. Hamas deserved what it got in the immediate aftermath of October 7, but after 2 weeks then 3 weeks then a month then 2 months it showed that despite all of Israels’ military and civilian efforts of having an experienced security apparatus steeped in information warfare and threat containment, they didnt have the effective strategic competence to actually wipe out Hamas without having to constantly murder civilians.

    But they went ahead and kept on fucking killing.

    So now, they keep moving goal posts for any chance of peace. Its not a new strategy, but it has far more violent consequences and only further spreads fervor for more violence. Peace begets peace. One side doesn’t get to play that against the other like a ping pong match and expect objective obervers to fall for either side’s propaganda.

    This is all revenge without justice now.

    Take your foot off the throttle.

  • Wolfenstein 3-D definitely gets the credit, but Doom took it SO much further and was the first game that really brought out our gaming-kid excitement through fear and suspense even despite, in retrospect, it really just being a puzzle game with exploding demons (and when you get into the history and documentaries, it’s wild what they actually wanted to do in the engine, but the consumer level performance limits at the time cut into a much more in depth experience).